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Product Spotlight: Acetylene

Acetylene is one gas that may be indispensable to industry. It is used for the production of chemicals, plastics, lighting, and it is critical to the fabrication industry as a welding fuel. Acetylene is a versatile gas and one of the key industrial gas products that Cee Kay supplies to our commercial partners.    Pure […]

When Your Haunted House Needs Dry Ice In Bulk, Call Cee Kay

The old house is little more than a pile of lumber and iron, a forgotten relic of some bygone era. The moon is full and the chilly fall air feels laden with suspense. A low fog rolls in, and the guests waiting to enter the haunted attraction are buzzing with nervous excitement. A haunted house […]

How to Pack Dry Ice In a Cooler

Summer means trips to the beach, long hikes, long drives, and picnics outside. Conventional ice is a common means people use to transport food in a cooler, but with proper precautions and some planning, dry ice can keep food and drinks cold or frozen much longer. This blog will cover what dry ice is and […]

Product Spotlight: Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the most abundant chemicals found in nature. It is found in the atmosphere, dissolved in water, used by plants to form food by photosynthesis, and expelled from vehicles as a byproduct of combustion. It is slightly toxic, odorless, colorless, and in large quantities has a slightly acidic taste. Producing […]