Bulk & MicroBulk GasBulk TanksIn large operations, demand may require a bulk tank installation. Cee Kay has the capability of installing and maintaining bulk and microbulk tanks. Our tanks range in size from 500 gallons and up.

Cee Kay’s bulk and microbulk telemetry allows Cee Kay to remotely monitor your gas supply. Telemetry will help you eliminate run outs, decrease delivery cost, and optimize your gas usage. For more information or an analysis of your operation, please contact or (314) 644-3500.

Gas Express System®

ENHANCE YOUR OPERATION WITH…Gas Express & Cellular Technology! The Gas Express System is the latest solution to microbulk storage and distribution. Gas is delivered directly from our truck to a stationary liquid container, known as a Permacyl Unit, through a wall mounted fill box connection. This process can be accomplished without interruption to your operation.With cellular technology, we can put an end to phone orders and product monitoring. Our new cellular system alerts Cee Kay when product is low. Upon receipt of the alert, a product delivery will be scheduled the next day. Product usage is recorded to forecast future deliveries.

Gas Express System Eliminates

  • Cylinder Handling
  • Product Run-Outs
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery & Process Interruptions
  • Residual Product Returns
  • Job Related Injuries
  • Excessive Vent Loss

Cellular Technology Benefits

  • Predict Distribution Schedules
  • Eliminates Product Monitoring
  • Forecast Future Needs
  • Reduce Delivery Costs
  • Eliminate Emergency Deliveries
  • Process Interruptions