Temporary Gas Supply

Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Hydrogen

Often times there are limited supply options for large gas requirements on a temporary or emergency need.  Cee Kay has made the investment to offer equipment capable of providing Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and Hydrogen for temporary applications such as:  

  • Tank Inerting
  • On-Site Cutting, Welding & Scrapping Projects
  • Planned and Unplanned Maintenance
  • Bulk Tank Repair & Replacement    
  • Pipeline Pressure Testing
  • Pipeline Purging
  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Product Displacement

Any of the below temporary gas supply options can be delivered within a 350 mile radius of  Saint Louis, MO including: Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Arkansas and Oklahoma and are a great options for remote locations and job sites. These units are available to rent by the day, week or long-term.

Portable Cryogenic Trailer

Temporary-Cryogenic-Gas-TrailerThe 600 Gallon portable trailer mounted cryogenic tank is capable of delivering Nitrogen, Oxygen or Argon at 10,000 SCFH.  The four station manifold it is extremely versatile and is great for temporary on-site cutting and welding operations.  Combined with the Gas Express System® delivery service, this trailer has the ability to supply a continuous flow of Nitrogen for tank and line purging or inerting. 

Portable High-Pressure Tube Trailers

If a higher pressure Nitrogen requirement is necessary, Cee Kay offers its 54-tube Nitrogen trailer capable of holding 68,000 CF of Nitrogen at a storage capacity of 2,400 PSIG .  This unit can be delivered directly to the job site for tank inerting, pipeline purging, pressurization and pigging requirements.


High-Pressure Nitrogen Tube Trailer


High-pressure Hydrogen Tube Trailer

Temporary Microbulk Installation 

Temporary-Gas-InstallationThe 1,000L temporary microbulk tank is great replacement of portable liquid containers and cylinder banks at job sites with reoccurring needs for gas supply.  Combined with Cee Kay Supply’s Gas Express System, this tank can provide Nitrogen, Oxygen and Argon at up to 350 PSIG and 960 SCFH.  Cellular telemetry allows Cee Kay to monitor tank levels and immediately dispatch a delivery truck to offer a continuous supply without the need to monitor cylinder storage.

Have a large requirement for Nitrogen or other gases for a temporary job or specialty application?  Contact Cee Kay Supply today for assistance in selecting the proper supply equipment and services to meet your needs.

Chase Nitrogen Services – High Pressure, High Flow Nitrogen Pumping

Chase Nitrogen Services, a division of Cee Kay Supply, specializes in Nitrogen purging, drying, pigging, pressure testing and pre-commissioning for the pipeline, oilfield, marine and chemical industries.  With headquarters in Houston, Texas we service the entire Gulf Coast including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida  with our mobile fleet of Nitrogen pumping equipment and are dedicated to safety and reliability throughout the job.

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