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1. Fill a pot or plastic bucket 1/2 full of hot water.
2. Wear gloves and carefully place Dry Ice into pot or plastic bucket
3. Repeat step 2 every 8-10 minutes to maintain fog.
4. Once water in pot or plastic bucket turns cold (fog will no longer be produced), repeat step 1 again.

The Basics

4-8 gallons of (Hot!) water
  10-15 lbs of Dry Ice
= 20 minutes of fog

Small Room (2 pots): 15 – 30 lbs of Dry Ice = 45 min – 1 hr of Fog
Large Room (4 pots): 60 lbs of Dry Ice = 45 min – 1 hr of Fog
*Patio (1-2 pots): 60 – 100 lbs of Dry Ice = 1 – 2 hrs of Fog
*Wind should also be considered when using Dry Ice outside*
*CeeKay wishes everyone to have a safe and fun Halloween, never place dry ice into drinks or punch bowls and always keep dry ice away from children and animals. *


$1.50lbs/ + Tax
$3.95 Hazmat
10lbs Minimum


Cee Kay Supply recommends that you bring your own cooler for Dry Ice.
However, we stock small, medium, and large size coolers for purchase.

Small Cooler
$10 – 15LBS
Medium Cooler
$15 – 25LBS
Large Cooler
$20 – 100LBS




Dry ice should always be handled with care and used in accordance to the material safety data sheet recommendations.  One must always take proper safety precautions when handling, storing or transporting dry ice and always keep out of reach of children.

  • Dry Ice should always be stored and used within areas with adequate ventilation. Dry Ice sublimates into Carbon Dioxide gas which can pose a suffocation hazard in confined areas.

  • Use only with equipment and storage containers suitable for dry ice. Never store dry ice in a container with an air tight seal as it may burst.

  • Dry Ice is extremely cold and can cause frostbite. Always wear proper protective clothing and avoid contact with exposed flesh.  In case of prolonged contact with skin obtain medical treatment immediately.

  • Dry ice is harmful if eaten or swallowed. If ingested, seek medical treatment immediately.

For more information regarding dry ice and safety, please call (314) 644-3500 or contact us.