Cee Kay Supply is a leading resource for all high purity hydrocarbons & natural refrigerant products, equipment, and technical information. Natural refrigerants are a new and environmentally friendly alternative to HFC refrigerants such as R134a and R404a that are gaining popularity in the United States. We distribute a variety of products and cylinder sizes for industries utilizing high purity hydrocarbons in applications.

High Purity Specialty Hydrocarbon Offerings

isobutane – R600a
R290 Refrigerant Propane – UL Approved
Ethane – R170
Propylene – R1270
Ethylene – R1150
Methane – R50
Blended and Specialty Hydrocarbons

Industry Uses:

Commercial refrigeration
Air Conditioning
Automotive Manufacturing
Vending Machines
Hot Water Systems

Cylinder Sizes:

1lb disposable cylinder
20lb re-fillable cylinder
100lb cylinder
200lb cylinder
420lb cylinder
Bulk 1,00G+ Stationary Tanks

Contact us today if your business is considering or currently using hydrocarbons based products.  We work with all size customers to provide the right product and technical expertise to get your job done. For more information please contact: Brad Dunn –