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Where To Buy Dry Ice
As the region’s largest independent supplier of industrial gases and equipment, Cee Kay employs over 100 employees in seven locations. Our team listens to customers and provides creative solutions. Not only do our employees practice excellent service, but they also strive to develop, refine, and share a deep knowledge base. Besides providing our customers high-quality welding equipment, top-notch training facilities, and laboratory certified industrial gases, Cee Kay is also the only manufacturer and distributor of dry ice in Missouri.

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide gas. At – 109.3 ˚F, dry ice offers a lower temperature than water ice. This difference amounts to longer holding times and no clean-up. Due to these unique properties, it has a wide variety of commercial uses in several different industries. Laboratories, medical offices, and grocery stores all use dry ice. Our dry ice comes in many forms, each designed to meet industry requirements. From a 10lb retail purchase to thousands of pounds of dry ice a week, Cee Kay supplies dry ice to meet all of your needs. We offer customized dry ice packages and sizing depending on the application requirement. Please call ahead if ordering large quantities to ensure availability.

We supply dry ice for commercial use including:

  • Dry ice blasting
  • Dry food production, baking
  • Laboratory, research, and biomedical supply
  • Food storage & distribution, gift shippers, street vending, home delivery
  • Meat processing and distribution
  • Airline catering
  • E-commerce frozen fulfillment
  • Shrink metal fitting
  • Pressurizing and inerting
  • Deflashing Plastic and Rubber

We supply dry ice for individual consumer uses including:

  • Food and gift shipping
  • Halloween, special effects, and science experiments
  • Power outages or emergency refrigeration
  • Hunting, camping, fishing, and traveling
  • Floor Tile Removal
  • Flash Freezing

Fresh Is Best
Dry ice sublimates at room temperature. Sublimation is the process where a solid transforms from a solid directly into a gas. Dry ice losses due to sublimation can add up to as much as 10% per day depending on environmental conditions. This loss can equate to major budget losses. If you are purchasing from anyone other than Cee Kay, you might be getting dry ice that is already several days old. Cee Kay offers the freshest dry ice in the region by manufacturing to order, weighing, and delivering same day. Cee Kay’s Joplin, MO manufacturing facility is the only local source for fresh dry ice in the area. We supply commercial customers with dry ice in block, pellet, and blasting rice forms. We serve all surrounding cities including Springfield, Tulsa, Northern Arkansas, Southern Kansas and Kansas City, MO. Currently this location is delivery and scheduled pick-up only. Please contact David Hanchette for additional information.

Areas We Service

Joplin, Springfield, Fayetteville, Tulsa, and all areas in between!