Cylinder Tracking

Cylinder-TrackingSay goodbye to lost and stolen cylinders. Cee Kay has the capability of tracking cylinders. Our new system, known as TraCKer, will track the location of your cylinders, when they leave our dock and when they are returned to us. Stolen cylinders that are returned by another party will not receive credit. Our bar coding system tells us who originally rented the cylinder and who should receive the credit for returning the cylinder.

We track our cylinders in a “closed loop” system. This means we can scan them internally and externally when we move or fill them. This results in accurate cylinder balances you can trust. We will stop other parties from getting credit for returning your cylinders. If you have multiple job sites and locations, we’ll keep these balances straight.


“The TraCKer system at Cee Kay Supply has saved SWIC a tremendous amount of money over the years. Since we started using the system, we have never lost a cylinder, due to how efficiently the TraCker system manages your cylinder inventory. We receive a monthly cylinder invoice, which keeps us updated on cylinder movement and usage. Cee Kay’s TraCKer system gives me peace of mind by knowing our supplier uses the most accurate system in the industry.”

Chuck Gulash, Professor, Welding Technology
Southwestern Illinois College
“With the usage of Cee Kay Supply’s TraCKer system, we are able to locate and return idle bottles, avoiding rental fees for cylinders that are not needed. Before we were a Cee Kay customer, we had a bottle shortage with another supplier that we were not aware off until it became a major problem.  The TraCKer system has kept us aware of our inventory status and has helped us head off and identify problems, while they are manageable.”

Dennis Folwarczny, President
Victor Pipe & Steel, Inc.
“Cee Kay Supply’s TraCKer system allows me to assign cylinders to each job, helping to free up a lot of money in overhead. There are no longer any disputes on where or how we have lost cylinders, making my employees and job sites more accountable. The initial costs may be slightly higher than the competitor, but in the long run, you will save money on gas prices and cylinder bills.”

Luke Niemeyer, Warehouse Manager
Millstone Bangert, Inc.