Miller Masters 2013Cee Kay Supply recently became one of the only distributors in the Midwest to have a sales team equipped with Miller Masters certified salesmen. Territory Managers Brian Reutiman and Gary Hart were the first of Cee Kay’s outside sales team to receive the certification.

The Miller Masters program is designed to improve the knowledge of welding distributor sales professionals, helping to provide the end user with unparalleled support. There are two different certifications available, a commercial certification and an industrial certification. Each certification is split up into several days of classes focusing on welding equipment and processes, filler metals and value-added selling.

“The process was a little overwhelming, but Miller does a good job with their hands-on training,” Reutiman said. “You can definitely learn something, regardless of your experience level, and especially if you are newer in the field.”

Hart and Reutiman both received their commercial certification. This certification entailed a series of timed, pre qualification tests that covered all aspects of welding and machines, four and a half days of hands on and in-class training at Miller’s training facility in Appleton, WI, a day of sales training at Cee Kay’s headquarters in St. Louis, MO and a final set of timed online tests covering all the material presented.

“After going through the Miller Masters Program, it gives a salesman more confidence, and with more confidence, you can approach customers differently,” Reutiman said.