New Resources Help Companies Hire Welders, Educators Recruit New Talent 

Experience is vital for anyone looking for a job, especially if you are a welder. But, if you’re an employer looking for a qualified welder, how do you find the right applicant? If you’re a welder looking for work, what can help you land a new job? 

Cindy Weihl of the American Welding Society states, “[Welders] are retiring at twice the pace that new welders are coming in. Over the past 10, 15 years, there has been this push in high schools that going to college is the only way to find a job and compete. It’s turned kids away.” 

With the lack of interest in not only the welding industry, but skilled trades in general, there is expected to be a shortage of talent by 2015. With this issue becoming such a cause for concern, new resources have become available to welding educators in an effort to help recruit new talent into the industry. One of these resources, www. weld-ed.org, is a partnership between business and industry, community and technical colleges, universities, the American Welding Society (AWS) and government to help improve the advancement of welding technology. Through this website, educators can not only download recruitment materials, but also order promotional materials. This site also allows prospective welding students to view a list of colleges, which offer welding programs in his or her area. 

In addition to this site, the AWS recently launched a new website, www. jobsinwelding.com, which is a career portal specific to the welding industry. This site allows employers to post open positions that job seekers can apply for directly through the site. Those searching for employment also have the capability of posting a resume, allowing employers to easily filter out qualified applicants. 

For most companies looking to hire a new welder, five to ten years of experience is required, as welders with a wider variety of advanced skills and experience are a better investment. But, what should welders who have a degree from a local technical or vocational school do without the necessary experience under their belt to land a job? There are a few options. 

  1. Find a job that pays a lower wage to start, and build experience 
  2. Receive additional training certifications, such as a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) through the American Welding Society 
  3. Build your resume by receiving additional training through Cee Kay Supply’s technical center. More information on welding classes and training are available at www.ceekay.com/