Bulk Oxygen

Does Your Operation Need A Reliable Oxygen Supply?

Do You Need High-Quality Bulk Gas Tanks?

Cee Kay specializes in delivering bulk orders to satisfy any size oxygen requirement.

Cee Kay can assist you in meeting all your demands for bulk oxygen. By installing and maintaining bulk and microbulk tanks, we’ve helped businesses across the Midwest save money on the overall expense of oxygen gas. If exchanging oxygen cylinders has become cumbersome or you have a large operation that a requires a bulk tank installation we have the resources to meet consumer demand. We carry sizes starting from 450 liters up to 9000 gallons. We have the technical expertise, manpower and equipment to service your needs quickly and efficiently.

Industry applications include:

  • Cutting table fuel gas
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting
  • Metal Scrapping and cutting
  • Laser Cutting Mild Steel

How Does Oxy-Fuel Cutting Work?

Oxy-fuel cutting is a method of plate edge preparation for bevel and groove welding. It’s one of the most effective methods for cutting rusty and scaled plates, especially for those with less experience. It works by creating a chemical reaction of oxygen with the base metal at an elevated temperature, allowing the metal to sever easily. The temperature is regulated through the combustion of a selected fuel gas mixed with pure oxygen. The quick oxidation of the iron comes from the sky-high purity of the oxygen, liberating the heat to do its job. For continued iron oxide formation, large volumes of oxygen are required. Cee Kay specializes in offering custom-tailored quantities of high-quality bulk oxygen tanks for your industry.

Find the right quantity of oxygen for your facility

Cee Kay can offer exactly what you need when it comes to oxygen tanks.

Industries Serviced

For quality welding and metal fabrication, you need the right amount of oxygen. Cee Kay can help your facility reach your unique performance objectives with bulk gas tanks. If you’re interested in seeing why so many companies choose Cee Kay for their oxygen needs, reach out to our team today.


Bulk Oxygen Information Sheets

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