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Cylinder Tracking

Say goodbye to lost and stolen cylinders.

TraCKer from Cee Kay

Cee Kay is the ONLY supplier in the region with 100% barcoded cylinders. This system, known as TraCKer, will identify the location of your cylinders, when they leave our dock and when they are returned to us. Stolen cylinders that are returned by another party will not receive credit. Our bar coding system tells us who originally rented the cylinder and who should receive the credit for returning the cylinder.

We track our cylinders in a “closed loop” system. This means we can scan them internally and externally when we move or fill them. This results in accurate cylinder balances you can trust. We will stop other parties from getting credit for returning your cylinders. If you have multiple job sites and locations, we’ll keep these balances straight.

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As your trusted gas supplier, we believe you should have the ability to make informed decisions about your gas needs:

  • How many cylinders do I have on hand?
  • How long have the cylinders been there?
  • What cylinder was delivered to the job site and who signed for it?
  • Where are all the cylinders on this PO and Ship-to?
  • How many cylinders did I receive this year? This month?
  • How many cylinders did I return this year? This month?

Does your current supplier have the ability to prove their worth through cylinder tracking?

Have confidence you are paying for what you use. We provide our customers with Cylinder Utilization reports for ALL of their cylinders on-site. This data can lead to decisions on Renting vs. Leasing vs. Buying and Cylinders vs. Banks vs. Micro-Bulk vs. Bulk. Put the power of Cee Kay’s cylinder tracking service into your organization.

Know where your cylinders are

At all times with TraCKer

Cylinder Tracking Information Sheets

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