The Best Butane

Comes From Cee Kay.


High Purity and In Stock

A Green Alternative

Butane is a natural gas derivative that works great for many industrial applications. One of the most critical uses of butane gas is in hydrocarbon refrigeration. Hydrocarbon refrigerants do not deplete the ozone layer or trap heat in the atmosphere like carbon monoxide. Hydrocarbon refrigeration systems are a new and environmentally friendly alternative to HFC refrigerants. We distribute a variety of products and cylinder sizes for industries utilizing high purity hydrocarbons in applications. If you need laboratory tested and certified butane, look no further than Cee Kay.

Keep Cool Under Pressure

If your large operation needs more than a couple disposable butane canisters or portable cylinders, Cee Kay offers larger cylinder sizes (including bulk tanks) to meet your demands. For a clean cylinder packages, in-stock inventory, and quick, next day delivery options, choose Cee Kay.

The Right Fuel for A Big Impact

Trust Cee Kay’s laboratory tested and certified butane.

Only One Place for the Best Butane

From botanical extraction to aerosol filling to commercial refrigeration, Cee Kay stocks several grades of high purity butane, N-Butane, IsoButane, 99.5% and up. As an independently owned company, we value every relationship we build and keep our commitment to quality in every interaction. Look no further for your supply of high purity hydrocarbons. Call today and experience the “Cee Kay” difference.

Butane Information Sheet

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