Put Greenhouse Gases on Ice


Deep Freeze, Deep Savings

Put Greenhouse Gases on Ice

Cee Kay’s quality R170 refrigerant is high-grade ethane that has been refined to be an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional refrigerants. Natural refrigerants such as R170 have become a necessity since industries have pursued efforts to lessen their greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental impact. Besides reducing ozone depletion and global warming potential, R170 operates at a lower heat and pressure than fluorocarbon refrigerants. This translates to less equipment strain and by switching to R170, a 50% reduction in energy costs is possible.

Applications for R170 refrigerant include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Systems
  • Chiller Systems and Chill Cabinetry
  • Vending
  • Cold Storage
  • AC Systems
  • Heating Pumps and Water Heaters

Ice Cold at Your Command

Cee Kay offers various cylinder, microbulk, and bulk tank sizes to meet your R170 refrigerant needs. Cee Kay always offers clean cylinder packages, in-stock inventory, and quick, next day delivery options. And of course, our onsite tank refill system eliminates fuel shortages and interruptions to operations.


Never Break a Sweat

Pure, laboratory certified R170 lowers temperatures, costs, and ozone damage.

Keep Operations Cool

Cee Kay has furnished customers with gases and services for over 70 years. As the industry progresses, more and more operations will need to use highly-refined ethane as a refrigerant. Refrigerants that reduce both global warming potential and ozone depletion potential are becoming a necessity. Look no further for your R170 refrigerant supplier. If you need a quality gas for subzero-temperature refrigeration, call today. Don’t hesitate. Experience the “Cee Kay” difference.