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Industrial Gases

Cee Kay Supply is your local source for gases. Our customers choose Cee Kay as their sole supplier of industrial, medical, and atmospheric gases. Our headquarters, located in St. Louis, Missouri is capable of serving a 100 mile radius and is equipped with an automated fill plant capable of filling several banks of cylinders at one time.

Cee Kay Industrial Gases

Customers can rely on Cee Kay as a sole supplier of industrial, medical, and atmospheric gases. With being the largest independent supplier of industrial gases in Missouri, you can trust the knowledge and experience of Cee Kay Supply. Our five retail locations in Missouri & Illinois serve an array of industrial gases. A list of some of our offerings follows.

Argon– Argon is a colorless, odorless inert gas that is most commonly used for shielding gas (in pure form or in various mixtures) in welding and other high-temperature processes.

Acetylene– Acetylene is a highly flammable, colorless gas.It is the most common fuel gas used with cutting torches. Some industry experts believe it to be the hottest and most efficient fuel gas available. Low moisture content is the secret to the gas’s effectiveness in generating heat.

Blue Flame Plus (Propylene)– Blue Flame Plus is an outstanding product because it has a high flame temperature of 6,000°F in oxygen, a flame structure well suited to heavy burning and heating. These properties enable Blue Flame Plus, to cut, heat treat, flame harden, metallize, and braze quickly, cleanly and economically.

Carbon Dioxide– Carbon dioxide in solid and in liquid form is generally used for refrigeration and cooling. It can also be used as an inert gas in chemical processes, and in fire extinguishers. Dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, can also be used to safely and efficiently clean industrial equipment.

Helium– Helium is widely utilized throughout a variety of applications including to cool MRI magnets, shield welding processes, balloon lifting and leak detection.

Hydrogen– Compressed Hydrogen is used in many research and industrial applications including welding, annealing and heat treating.

Nitrogen– Making up 78% of the air we breath Nitrogen is used for laser assist gas, purging, blanketing and pressure testing pipelines, cryopreservation of medical matter and many more!  CeeKay specializes in nitrogen applications and equipment of all cylinder sizes in gas and liquid form.

Oxygen– In industrial processes, oxygen is used with fuel gases in gas welding, gas cutting, oxygen scarfing, flame cleaning, flame hardening, and flame straightening. Medical grade oxygen is also important for patient stabilization, breathing assistance, and respiratory treatments.

Propane– Propane is a colorless, highly-flammable fuel gas produced as a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining. Although commonly used for home heat applications, it offers unique benefits for a fuel source for forklifts, generators and metal cutting.

Cant find the gas you are looking for? We supply hundreds of other specialty gasses and mixtures to meet industry needs, contact our customer sales specialists to discuss your particular gas requirement at (314) 644-3500.