Cee Kay Supply Is The Largest Independent Supplier Of Compressed Gases, Welding And Cutting Equipment, And Supplies In Missouri. Our Five Retail Locations Throughout Missouri & Illinois Offer A Combination Of Products, Services, And Technical Support To Meet Your Expectations.


Caring for Our Employees, Customers, Vendors, & Community

  1. Cee Kay Supply celebrated 70 Years in Business & dedicated the"Together We Build" Statue to all of our employees, customers, vendors, & community partners.

  2. Archview Carbonic Established. Cee Kay Supply Named Top Workplaces. Dry Ice Facility opens in Joplin, MO

  3. Cee Kay expands into dry ice manufacturing.

  4. Cee Kay Supply officially names the Hil Bax Technical Center after former longtime employee Hil Bax. Cee Kay also celebrated 60 years in business & donated $60,000 to various community initiatives/charities.

  5. Gateway Cylinder Technologies facility in Highland, IL is established in partnership with Cee Kay Supply.

  6. Cryogas CO2 division is established in partnership with Cee Kay Supply.

  7. Cee Kay Supply opens retail store in Centralia, IL (Closed - 2019)

  8. Cee Kay Supply establishes cylinder bar coding technology for all cylinders.

  9. Headquarters moves to 120,000 square foot building off Manchester Road. Cee Kay also opened a retail location in Villa Ridge, MO.

  10. Cee Kay Supply establishes the Gas Express System for Microbulk. Cee Kay Supply also opened a retail location in Wood River, IL.

  11. Specialty gas laboratory opens.

  12. Branch office opens in O’Fallon IL.

  13. Branch office opens in Eureka MO (Moved to Villa Ridge, MO in 2006).

  14. Branch office opens in O’Fallon MO.

  15. Branch office opens in Alton IL, sparking a solid decade of expansion (Moved to Wood River, IL in 1996).

  16. Welding equipment repair and rental division launched.

  17. More growth means another move, this time to a 30,000 square foot office and warehouse up the street on Folsom Ave.

  18. Paul Dunn retires after 24 years having grown Cee Key to $2.6 million in sales and 18 employees. Tom Dunn, his son, takes over as CEO and Cee Kay remains a family-led business.

  19. Growing sales and a growing family! Cee Kay moves to a new headquarters on Folsom Avenue.

  20. Paul Dunn, a sales manager with National Cylinder Gas Company buys Cee Kay. At the time Cee Kay only had three employees.

  21. Cee Kay Supply opens as a distributor for National Cylinder Gas Company. Founded by Ralph Chase and Ralph Knight they supplied welding equipment, gases, and the iconic “C” and “K” that stands as the company name to this day.

Core Focus

Make things better every day by providing solutions for welding and gas applications.

Core Values

People Oriented – Honest, Respectful, Fair, Trustworthy, Believers in the “Golden Rule”
Solutions Focused – Knowledgeable, Technical, Innovative, Creative, Problem Solvers
Driven – Hardworking, Dedicated, Great Work Ethic, The Best at What We Do
Passionate – Winners, Proud, Positive “Can Do” Attitude, Professional Appearance, Love What We Do

Why We Are Unique

Expertise and hands-on knowledge of our people
Hands-on customer relationships—support and service
Complete creative solutions

Partner Associations


For High-Quality Equipment, Premium, Lab-Certified Gases, And Excellent Customer Service, Trust Cee Kay.