Industrial Vending Solutions


Track and Control

Cee Kay Supply is now offering Industrial Vending Solutions for managing and tracking inventory at almost any workplace.  U.S. companies annually spend upwards of $150B on indirect materials and roughly half of that inventory goes unused each year.  Industrial vending is a great solution for businesses that are looking to reduce their indirect material spending.

Cee Kay Supply has partnered with SupplyPro, an inventory management manufacturer, to bring savings to businesses by reducing inventory consumption, waste and theft, increasing productivity with 24/7 availability of critical items and eliminating stock outs with automated ordering.

The program starts by the manager selecting items such as gloves, welding tips, safety glasses, grinding wheels etc., which will be stored within a highly customizable vending machine which then controls access and tracks consumption by employee, machine or department. This machine is also capable of storing larger serialized or calibrated items for check-in/check-out times for short term use by employees.

The ongoing collection of data and reporting analytics can then provide the manager with as much (or as little) oversight as desired regarding inventory management. The customizable reports organize all of the trend analysis and usage information in one place and provide the evidence needed for the manager or Cee Kay to make informed decisions regarding inventory control.

Cee Kay Supply is a solution provider that is dedicated to helping our customers meet their goals and objectives.  Industrial Vending is another example in which Cee Kay Supply has invested in technology in order to help our customers be more efficient and successful.

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FAQ About Vending

“I am not sure what needs stocking or when to have it stocked?”
Systems can automatically send restock reports and inventory alerts based on individual business rules.

“We have thousands of items in our crib, vending would not work for us.”
Typically less than 20% of the parts in the crib make up 75% or greater of the consumable activity & spend. Thats where you’ll find the core set ideal for point-of-use vending.

“We go through excessive amounts of batteries at the end of each year. How do we control this?”
There are many products that have “take home appeal.” These items are great candidates for being managed in an automated system and tend to deliver greater usage reduction figures.

“We have a lot of on-site contractors, can they access the systems?”
Contractors can be given full or restricted access to products, and have dispense limits set just like normal users. In addition, their login profiles can be set to automatically expire if the contract end date is known. More importantly – the system can create consumption reports for the contractors that can be used for charging back to the company.

“Supervisors spend 15 hrs/wk managing critical equipment in their offices rather than focusing on production.”
Production supervisors should be managing production, not inventory and tools. Our solutions can track these critical and high expense items under unique management rules. Supervisors can define which employees are authorized to take what times; reports and alerts can be set up if the items are not returned in a timely manner.

“We can’t find our tools so we just keep buying more.”
Our solutions are ideal for managing all types of tools and equipment. Administrators can run reports to identify who has what time checked out. In addition, the machine will provide the name of who has the tool checked out. Managing tools this way will reduce repair costs because logging in to checkout tools naturally results in great accountability, and lower replacement costs.

“How can we consolidate our part numbers?”
SupplyPort has numerous reports that show all the details surrounding consumption activity, and also provide evidence of slower moving items to justify consolidation.