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An Unparalleled Rental Fleet

Whether you need a machine for a day or several machines for months, Cee Kay has the most convenient welding equipment rental program available. We rotate stock frequently to ensure you receive up-to-date and reliable rental equipment from top producers in the industry. As we rotate our stock, we give our customers the opportunity to purchase used equipment at reduced rates. You also have the benefit of maintaining the original manufacturers warranty, if one remains.

Our Rental Fleet Includes:

Get a Rental You Can be Proud of

We at CeeKay believe in providing high quality, well serviced equipment that you can rely on to get the job done.  If you are tired of showing up on the jobsite with the scratch and dent machine that may or may not work then place your trust in CeeKay’s rental fleet, our job is to make your job easier.

Need a welder rental?

Cee Kay offers the largest rental fleet available in St. Louis!

Cee Kay Wants To Be On Your Team

Since 1948, Cee Kay has furnished customers with top-notch welding products, gases, and services. Cee Kay’s partnerships with leading brands and investments put the latest technology in your employees hands. Our rental fleet includes over 800 pieces of equipment to fulfill all your welding and cutting and safety needs. If you’re in need of a welding rental, look no further than Cee Kay.

Cee Kay Information Sheets

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • Cylinder Tracking

    “Cee Kay Supply’s TraCKer system allows me to assign cylinders to each job, helping to free up a lot of money in overhead. There are no longer any disputes on where or how we have lost cylinders, making my employees and job sites more accountable.”

    Luke Niemeyer, Millstone Bangert, Inc.
  • Cylinder Tracking

    “We receive a monthly cylinder invoice, which keeps us updated on cylinder movement and usage. Cee Kay’s TraCKer system gives me peace of mind by knowing our supplier uses the most accurate system in the industry.”

    Chuck Gulash, Southwestern Illinois College
  • Dry Ice

    “The quality of the product, packaging with poly bag, card board on top and shrink wrap was what we expect and speaks well for why we want to do business with you folk. The logistics were well done and helps so much in our effort to provide superior service down stream. We appreciate your service and look forward to knowing we will get more of the same”.

    John F., J Frazier Service Company
  • Dry Ice

    “You told me you would be able to cut my consumption down and for now you have. Your ice is working better than what I used to get and I am sure it is because it is so fresh it works so much better. Also , your driver thanked me again for the business, he is just a very friendly person. I wish more drivers who came here were like him.”

    Mike C., Rotometrics Company
  • Welding Class

    “Very informative for a first time TIG welder. Equipment was new and in great shape. Excellent welding bench space.”

    Jeff Davis, Dr. Pepper Company
  • Welding Class

    “Classroom work was very detailed and I learned more than expected. Hands on was what I was wanting and the instructor was more than helpful.”

    Adam Day, PQ Corporation
  • On-Site Training

    “Extremely pleased with performance after training. Welds and technique is much better now. The work they are doing is noticeable better.”

    Gary Goestenkors, Highland Machine
  • Gas Express System

    “Cee Kay’s Gas Express System® eliminated cylinder handling, change-outs and employee injuries within our process. Gas is piped into each workstation, giving us a smoother welding process.”

    Jerry Haas Race Cars
  • Demo Program

    “Cee Kay’s demo program was a good experience from start to finish. We had a chance to use a welding machine on a daily basis, in every situation. This made the decision to purchase much easier.”

    WB Industries