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Welding Training

Master Your Welding Equipment With Cee Kay

Cee Kay’s Hil Bax Technical Center offers welding courses, specialized training programs, hands-on product demonstrations, and process enhancements for your organization. In collaboration with our trusted brands, our team introduces course participants to the latest techniques and machinery in welding technology. Our instructors and inspectors are certified and able to answer any questions when it comes to welding processes.

Cee Kay’s welding education gives your team the following advantages:

  • Multi day or single day courses available on all welding processes
  • Free class with any new welding equipment sale
  • Can host individual or group participants in each class
  • Virtual and hands-on training on the latest equipment
  • Specialized training for specific products and processes

Another feature of the Hil Bax Technical Center is Cee Kay’s robotics and automation program. Over our 70 years in business Cee Kay has grown into St. Louis’s local leader in robotics and automation. At Cee Kay we are committed to the best robotics solutions. To achieve these robotic solutions, Cee Kay maintains MIG, TIG, STICK, Robotic Cells, & more in its St. Louis Technical Center, a certified robotic repairman and CWI/CWE support staff.

Training With A Purpose

Since 1948, Cee Kay has furnished customers with top-notch welding products, gases, and services. Going a step further, our locally owned and operated company wants to ensure that each customer has successful and rewarding experiences with our products. To that end, we offer a variety of courses through our Hil Bax Technical Center.

When the need for technical knowledge goes beyond trade schools and welding certificates, our team is there to support your staff. Cee Kay’s partnerships with American Welding Society gives us access to resources for your advantage.


Basic MIG

(8AM – 4PM) – Sign Up Now!

Scheduled Dates:  September 10th, September 26th, October 8th, October 24th, November 7th, November 26th, & December 13th.

This course will introduce participants to effective practice techniques on carbon steel plate.

  • Short circuit, globular, spray and pulse spray transfer modes
  • Shielding gases/welding wires
  • Machine setup and minor maintenance
  • Parameter adjustment
  • Price: $295

Intermediate MIG- PEU Credits

(8AM – 4PM)- Sign Up Now!

Scheduled Dates: September 13th, October 15th, November 19th, & December 19th.

This course is designed to refine practice techniques on carbon steel plate. Weld joints will consist of tee, lap, corner, and butt joints in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions.

  • Supplement to our basic MIG course.
  • Must possess understanding of all items listed in basic MIG.
  • Solid wire, gas/gas less flux core wires, and metal core wires demonstrated.
  • Price: $295

Basic TIG

(8AM – 4PM)- Sign Up Now!

Scheduled Dates:  October 3rd, October 17th, October 29th, November 22nd, & December 5th.

This course will introduce individuals to gas tungsten arc welding. The primary focus is on carbon steel plate, however, aluminum and stainless steel will be demonstrated, too.

  • Understanding of DCEP, DCEN and AC applications
  • Proper tungsten selection and preparation techniques
  • Shielding gas selection
  • Proper equipment setup procedures
  • Price: $295

Intermediate TIG – PEU Credits

(8AM – 4PM)- Sign Up Now!

Scheduled Dates: September 5th, September 19th, October 11th, November 5th,  & December 17th.

This course is designed to refine practice techniques on carbon steel plate. Weld joints will consist of tee, lap, corner, and butt joints in the flat, horizontal, and vertical positions

  • Supplement to our basic TIG class.
  • Must possess understanding of all the items listed in basic TIG.
  • Price: $295


(8AM – 12PM)- Sign Up Now!

Scheduled Dates: TBD

Customized for individual needs, with the following focuses.

  • Proper handling of compressed gases
  • Storage requirements
  • Equipment installation and removal procedures
  • Difference between acetylene and propylene gases
  • Price: $175

Stick Welding

(8AM – 4PM)- Sign Up Now!

Scheduled Dates: TBD

Seminar is designed to give formal training to individuals so they can effectively practice welding technique on carbon steel plate. This seminar can be customized.

Virtual Integrated Welding

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Scheduled Dates: TBD

Cee Kay’s Technical Center is equipped with a Lincoln Electric VRTEX 360 virtual welding machine. Custom virtual classes can be created, upon request. This is a great option for engineers, managers and novice welders.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

  • Welding Class

    “Very informative for a first time TIG welder. Equipment was new and in great shape. Excellent welding bench space.”

    Jeff Davis, Dr. Pepper Company
  • Welding Class

    “Classroom work was very detailed and I learned more than expected. Hands on was what I was wanting and the instructor was more than helpful.”

    Adam Day, PQ Corporation
  • On-Site Training

    “Extremely pleased with performance after training. Welds and technique is much better now. The work they are doing is noticeable better.”

    Gary Goestenkors, Highland Machine